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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Recording and interviewing students or other people

Owing to family health problems I had to delay my update of my blog by three days. Well here I am. Talking and recording one's voice is so important in class. Students would like to hear their own voices. They would like to record important interviews, some important dialogues. Teachers too would like to record some basic instructions for students.

As usual, both teachers and students would like something to use which is super easy to use and which is free. We present audacity. If you need to download it press here.

On the internet, when one wishes to master a program, we look for a tutorial. Here are some tutorials: YouTube tutorials; Other tutorials and written tutorials. If you are not completely satisfied, you can always google for more information on the internet. But the best tutorial is you when you start practising and learning by committing some mistakes!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sending large files over the internet

A challenge faced by both students and teachers is that of sending large files. The email service puts a limit to your attachment. One cannot send a very large file. Is there a solution? Yes there is. Just break up the large file into smaller pieces. The one receiving your small pieces of the original file can simply put them all together….no damage whatsoever to your original file!!! I've tried it with an operating system!!! Now an operating system is quite heavy and risky, yet it worked for me perfectly well. So it should work for you too. Obviously the program is free and open source. It works in windows, mac and what are you waiting for?!

The link to the program is here. You press split when you want to put it into smaller pieces and join when you receive them. You can determine the size of the file. You can try several sizes. Obviously instead of one email, you have to send several ones. But you'll be happy to communicate in this way as otherwise you have to be physically present in order to share some big files. Enjoy!