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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello Educators, Students and Parents!

We wish to be of help to Educators, Students and Parents. Why? Because we firmly believe that education has a very long and lasting effect on society. It's like investing in the future.

We know that most parents are working very hard for their money. They are looking for less expensive tools in education. Educators too face a difficult time to ask the administration of their school to buy new sources.

Students themselves wish to have a say not only in buying but also in managing such sources. Most of the time when it comes to ICT, most students simply use the tools just for a few purposes. How about changing that philosophy and start experimenting with the tools used in order to maximise their effect on their learning? Teaching is not just listening but experimenting and taking risks. 

Their are a lot of offers of what to use in Education. We simply try to offer something different: free and open source. Open source where the program is open to all. The whole community builds it up. Anybody can see what's inside in order to hack it. Hacking is not something evil but rather manipulating the source for the benefits of education. 

Our pages are not for those who are technophobic but rather for those who wish to teach and learn by experimenting, making mistakes, reflecting and starting all over again. We firmly believe that the mentality where the teacher knows it all or where all the information is printed on a piece of paper and passed on to students, is simply part of our past history. 

This is like buying ready made food and trying to cook something yourself. Whilst the former is a very fast answer, the latter makes one grow and learn skills. We are going to follow the second itinerary although ample help will be provided so as to make everybody feel comfortable and be at home. 

Relax....enjoy your a few days there will be a new posting. Just keep in touch!