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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Teachers Securing [Encrypting] their emails containing exam papers

It's not the first time that some students get hold of exam papers before actually sitting for exams!! Most teachers think about securing hard copies. But do they ever think about securing soft copies? Most teachers still don't know about cyber security. They still don't know how to make emails and documents safe from anyone who wishes to get in between the sender and the receiver!

Teachers do need to consult before submitting the last edit of an exam paper. They can't all be in the same room all the time, especially if they are preparing the exam papers at home. In many common cases they have some difficulties and maybe they wish to discuss a particular issue or some issues with another teacher.

Most people now use an online services for email, such as Yahoo/Google/Hotmail etc….Today we wish to help most of our readers in securing their mail services. Down below there are some links which should help them.

Link 1 (official help site of Mailvelope [the addon on Firefox and Chrome which adds Mailvelope to their browser)

Link 2 (video + some more explanation why people should encrypt their emails)