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Monday, January 4, 2016

Free Flash Card Tool

How many times as a teacher or student, one is reading something and would like to write down a note, comment or observation? How many times students would like some short questions in order to revise what they studied? People do look for simple programs which can organise their studies and makes it easier to follow their learning method.

We suggest a free and open source program called: Mnemosyne. It’s a strange name isn’t it? Well it’s the personification of memory in the Greek mythology! It could be used on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems!

The Mnemosyne Project has two aspects:
  • It's a free flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process.
  • It's a research project into the nature of long-term memory.
We strive to provide a clear, uncluttered piece of software, easy to use and to understand for newbies, but still infinitely customisable through plugins and scripts for power users.

Mnemosyne uses a sophisticated algorithm to schedule the best time for a card to come up for review. Difficult cards that you tend to forget quickly will be scheduled more often, while Mnemosyne won't waste your time on things you remember well.

To download the program just go here. If you would like some videos to get to know how to use it properly, this is the link. For a written tutorial, problems, questions etc… go to this link.