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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mnemosyne - Flash card tool for studying

Exams time calls for a good memory. Students need to revise quite a lot of material. Is there any program which could serve as a companion in order to help them remember what they’ve learned? 
Yes there is and it’s available for Android, Windows, Mac or Linux users! It’s free and open source so there aren’t any financial constraints in order to achieve a copy of the program. The name comes from the Greek’s goddess for memory – mnemosyne.

It’s a free flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process. So you put your information (which you need to remember for your exam) on a sort of a card (digital one). Now you can practise by reading the question and trying to answer it.

What makes this program a great studying too is that difficult cards that you tend to forget quickly will be scheduled more often, while Mnemosyne won’t waste your time on things you remember well. So actually the coming up of cards can vary from student to student (according to a memory exercise).

One can make use of a picture or other languages (example Arabic) so as to make studying easier. To download the program one can go here. On the same page, one can find any kind of help and/or documentation.