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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Email program: Thunderbird

Email was, is and will still be a powerful program to communicate with others. It’s  important for both students and teachers. They need it not just to send messages but for many other uses.

There are several email programs out there, so why Thunderbird?  First reasons could be  that maybe one needs it to connect with other online email accounts.

One can use a chat mini program inside it if one prefers to use an email program for chatting. One can encrypt the emails too.

One can use this program on several computers whilst receiving emails from the same email account, especially for people who are constantly on the go.

One can order the emails received according to his wishes ie to be put automatically in different folders for easy access.

Thunderbird can become much more powerful than other email programs just because one can add several addons to make it more powerful. One of them is surely the calendar where one can be aware of all coming appointments.

What makes thunderbird so particular? Well there are several reasons but one author has found at least 10 reasons.

Thunderbird is the one for the job. To download it go here. If one has any questions, this is the FAQ page.