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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Geogebra makes a link between geometry and algebra in an entirely new, visual way. Students finally touch, see and experience math. It goes beyond the blackboard and leverages new media. It allows students to connect with math anywhere and anytime - in school, at home and on-the-go. Geogebra creates the interactions that students need in order to 'absorb' mathematical concepts.

Geogebra doesn't replace teachers. It helps teachers do what they do best - teach. It gives teachers the freedom to be themselves, creating lessons they know their students will find interesting. Geogebra teachers are part of a global math community.

Schools love it because students who use geogebra are students who are more motivated which consequently leads to better results.
If you need to download geogebra please click here.
If you need any tutorials on how to use it, click the following links:
link 1;         link 2;          link 3.
Geogebra works in Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. Any help can be found here