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Sunday, January 8, 2017


We still remember the nostalgic sound of a typewriter. We used to take courses in order to learn how to use touch typing (ie focusing on the written note without looking at the keyboard layout!!). Nowadays most people do not take such courses….and then they complain because they need to type a few paragraphs, knowing that it will take a long time to type on the computer!

Not knowing what we used to call touch typing, makes the life of a teacher, student or parent quite miserable. Is there a program which might help in this area? Oh yes of course there is. Today we introduce Klavaro. It is available for Windows and Linux.

Klavaro is more than just a free touch typing tutor program. We felt like to do it because we became frustrated with the other options, which relied mostly on some few specific keyboards. Klavaro intends to be keyboard and language independent, saving memory, time and money!

In addition to the familiar "QWERTY" keyboard layout, it supports six other built-in layouts, or you can use the keyboard editor to create your own. It's also available for 25 different languages, making this a good choice for users. One can use it for a basic course or else use it for other purposes such as: fluidness test; velocity test; adaptability exercise; progress charts etc….

If one wants to download it, then go here. In this page there is also documentation and a forum, where users can look for further information or try to get an answer for their queries. If in need of graphical tutorials, then go here