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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Clonezilla - copying all your files and programs.

Students, teachers, parents and all users experience problems with pcs, tablets, mobile phones etc…..The problem one has when all data is lost, is that how can one remember all the files and programs one uses for his studies/work? It needs endless time to install everything again. Who can give you back all the lessons notes one has on his/her pc/tablet?
Clonezilla creates a copy of the contents of a computer’s hard drive on another storage device and enables users to do backup and recovery on their personal computers. Clonezilla has two types:
  • Clonezilla Live: This unicasting version is adequate for doing a backup and restore on a single computer.
  • Clonezilla SE: This multicasting version is Clonezilla's server edition, and is suitable for doing a backup and restore for many computers simultaneously. It can clone more than 40 computers at the same time.
Some of Clonezilla’s features include
  • It is available free of charge
  • It supports many file systems, allowing it to clone GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Intel-based Mac OS, and FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD operating systems
  • Clonezilla SE supports multicast, which can be used for cloning many computers at once. It can also be used remotely to save or restore a number of computers.
If you need more information regarding installation or how to use Clonezilla, just follow the links. You tube videos are found here. If you perfer the wikihow series, it's here.