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Monday, July 10, 2017

Is Open Source important for the world today?

Some of the most pressing questions that I’ve heard about open source programs were: ‘Are there many open source (OS) programs out there?’ Is OS being used just by a few persons? Could I read my files and documents? If I go for OS programs, will it read my files? Can I send my files to others?’

This shows that rather being taught how to use a computer or any other device we were brainwashed into how to use a particular program of a closed source company!!!! One teacher was transferred from one school into another. He prepared his lessons for a particular kind of a white interactive brand. When he arrived in the new school, he found out that the school had a different kind of interactive white board. He couldn’t use his files. The second interactive white board couldn’t read his files from the first interactive white board!!!! The teacher panicked as he had ‘wasted a lot of time to prepare his notes!!!!’

Most of the people who are all for an adventure in education go for open source. Why? Because it easily transferable from one system to another; you can never be locked out as in the case of a propriety software; it saves a lot of time etc.. The best thing about it is that a student can experiment with the system without being charged for breaking the law. Indeed how can our students be professionals if we never let them delete, install, program on computers ?

OS will change teachers’ set of mind in many ways. One of the most important is that of sharing. How many times the students see the teacher using a program but they cannot have a copy (unless they pay)? Worse than that, is the fact that some teachers don’t want to share their power point presentations neither! It all shows that we still need to grasp the benefit of sharing with others. When we share our ideas, we are not losing at all! If we start sharing, there will be many people who will do the same. There are so many more ideas online and meeting other new people. By the way, other people already share a lot of their work online so it’s only fair to give our part after all.

Today we are presenting a link to the EU’s portal where most of the OS projects are published. The list is very long and very interesting. Have a look!