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Sunday, April 29, 2018

E-portfolio: Mahara

Exams have become part and parcel of any education system. But is it just? An exam is just one time photo! How many talents which students achieve or master, yet they can’t show them during exams? A portfolio is an example where a student can show many skills which are not easily tested during exams!

Nowadays we speak of an e-portfolio. Today we present Mahara: an open source modular e-portfolio system. It can easily be integrated with other educational programs or Learning Management System (LMS).

In one link one can find several links to look for particular help. One finds a musical tune of Mahara too! Link to Mahara. If you prefer more youtube videos for help then go here. More youtube videos can be found here. The best advantage of Mahara is that it is student centered. A student can simply not only present the final product but present as well the struggles and challenges faced during the duration of the action taken.