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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Modular and Open Source Router is Being Crowdfunded

The router is the gateway for many people to the internet. We’re all in favour of open source. Most of the routers we find on the market are propriety. How about an open source one? There is a bunch of individuals who are trying to find funds for such project.

It’s important that we do support open source if we truly believe in freedom! It has been proved beyond any doubt that open source supports 100% freedom for its users. Other propriety programs and routers can’t guarantee that because they don’t disclose their code which might contain anything.

More people, after the Facebook scandal, are becoming aware of how many people are watching us behind our backs, registering every movement of our keyboard in order to sell that information to the first buyer!

Educating people is not simply helping them overcome exams, but first and foremost training them to be independent, in thought and action. Those choosing open source are the ones who are not afraid to learn new actions and practices for the sake of freedom of thought and expression. 

This router supports open VPN server. It has parental control features and an internet measuring tool. 

Let’s give a free world to the young people who are growing up today!

The link is found here.

If you need more information about other open source routers then go here

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