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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Calibre : Reading, writing and changing ebooks

Teachers and students have a common tool: books. Does it mean that although we use computers/tablets/mobile phones we are going to throw away books? Surely NOT. Today we are lucky to have a bigger choice. No one is against reading books the old way (ie tangible one where one flips pages with his own hands).

Nowadays we have more choice in the sense we can download books unto our electronic gadget without the need to go outside to a library or shop to buy it. Some students coming from poor families or families who don't wish to spend their money on educational books, now can download some books for free! One can visit the guthenberg site in order to find around 48,000 FREE e-books. No student can claim that all books are boring. Having such a big online library, there is at least one good book for everybody!

We can change the format of the letters (for dyslesic, or students with a poor eye sight). We can change the format to fit our electronic gadget (mobile phone, pc or tablet). One can write on the book. In fact some teachers use it to let students comment when reading a book. At the end the teacher has the comments of all students on one book! This was not possible on physical books as it was heavily prohibited to write on books. Students can see comments made by other students. Peer to peer learning is another wonderful tool for students made possible by electronic books.

Another hidden advantage is that teachers nowadays can have a proof if students have opened or not the books because each comment will have a time date! This was surely not possible with the old system!

The biggest advantage is surely the fact that when we read educational books we meet new, strange or undecipherable words. In the old times, we had either to guess the meaning from the general sense of the sentence or else go for another book....dictionary. Now one needs to press the word and up comes the definition!! It's that simple. Now books have become easier.

Our aim today is to introduce another wonderful free source program which can be used in windows, mac, android or linux! It's called calibre. It has all the features mentioned above and more.

As usual we are providing some tutorials in case our readers have some teething problems.

Tutorial 1 (FAQ)
Tutorial 2 (video)
Tutorial (for android)
Tutorial 3 (news feeds)