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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Open Teacher

It is a small program which helps teacher revise some concepts, ideas, vocabulary or past lessons done with students. It helps students to revise their lessons too! It could be used by both of them. The questions could be asked in a random manner so it would discourage anybody from knowing beforehand the following question!

If you want to download a copy just click here, for tutorials to overcome the initial fear of trying a new program, click here. FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, just click here. If you're interested to see how others view the program than go here. Another opinion is found here.

The advantages of the program are several. It can read several formats of files (29). One can create a topography or media lesson. One can create a lesson from a picture, any other file or from the internet! There is typing tutor where both teachers and students could improve their speed of writing in a computer file. It could be installed on windows, mac and linux operating systems.