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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Open Culture

People expect to have a good service or product at a price. In other words, something free should not be of high quality. Well that's because money has changed our lives so much, that we expect to pay and be paid for any services or products provided.

Have a look at what your parents did for you. Can you equate their work with a sum of money? Does it mean that because it was freely given, it was of a low quality?

Now there are people in society who would like to share their work for free. This happens for various reasons especially when it comes to education. Maybe they believe that some works of art, projects etc. should be shared as they belong to the world's heritage. Others believe that if we start sharing, other people might join the group and share as well. In the end everybody will be a winner.

Imagine if one does a wonderful project. He or she puts all his/her ideas. They are the ideas of just one single person. Each and every person is gifted. On the other hand, each and every person is limited. Now imagine if he/she makes it open for all. Another person comes in and adds more ideas. Most often it's not just one person who joins the group. There would be hundreds or thousands! Look at how many wonderful ideas there are now compared to the original project where only one person put the ideas! It is the philosophy of the more, the merrier!

Today we wish to share a web-page which has thousands of links to other pages where people can access for free, several educational pages or courses. They are all free. There are so many subjects covered that it's very difficult to give a summary of all of them. Just click on the link and enjoy!