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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Claroline Connect

We do receive from schools around the world, as to what kind of e-learning platform to use nowadays.  Everybody wants to share, discuss, question, help, search etc…..The classroom of today is not simply closed between four walls! Sometimes, some parents can come forward to help in a unique way. It has to be colloborative between different generations too. It has to be user friendly and to be used in various operating systems. Some would like to have a free e-platform! Open Source can bridge all these gaps!

There are various answers. Today we’re going to focus on Claroline Connect (CC). If you want a quick summary of what it can offer to your school, then go here. More information is found here.

Collaboration: it is with others that we learn best! One can exploit all the power of the group with CC.

Technology: because learning is not simply memorizing contents anymore, CC wants to put all the potential of technology in the service of learning.

Flexibility: CC allows you to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Creativity: As a a learner or as a trainer, you can create innovative and meaningful contents.