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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Encrypting your usb

Many students, teachers and parents make use of usbs. They are more handy and practical than the burning of CDs or DVDs. Well that was the positive point. What about many usbs getting lost or simply stolen? What about the files? What if a teacher has exam papers and it is lost? Parents and students too may have some sensitive material. Everybody has some private information that is intended for personal use. One would not wish that it will be freely circulated with other people, friends or not.

Hence the word encryption is appearing more frequently. Encryption involves a process where if the usb falls into the wrong hands, one cannot access any of the files encrypted. They are practically safe. One looks for a simple system and that is compatible with more than one operating system (ie mac, windows, linux and android). Today we are suggesting: AEScrypt.



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